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Hello my fellow gamers and welcome to my website! Here you will see the different features of MMORPG gaming. There will also be some discussions about everyone’s gaming experiences. I will also be sharing my experiences with you guys. MMORPG games stood out to me the most because I find they have the best role-playing stories than any other type of game. So I would like to get into all the details with everyone and hear about your stories.

My Story About MMORPG

I have been playing games since I was six years old. It all started with the old fashioned already installed space ponball and solitare on my old computer. Those games were all I had until my dad bought me a Ipad and got some internet. Then I started playing mobile game apps like Chuzzle, Angry Birds, Peggle, etc. This is where I really started to become a gamer.

Since I didnt have a game console, like the PS2 or Xbox, I had to stick with touchscreen phones and computers. After a year or so, I realized that I had over 20 game apps downloaded on my Ipad. I counted all of them and ended up having 65 in a total. Some of them, I didn’t even start playing because I wanted to finsh the other games that I started. And of course, I had some role-playing games like Pocket Legends, Sims Freeplay, and Sword of Chaos.

Let’s just say, it was hard for me to do homework with all the wonderful entertainment that I had in front of me.

So with all that being said, I’m not a true gamer but I feel like I played enough games to pass that test. I am still on my gameplay and i now have two laptops, a gamecube, PS4, and a wii mini. As much as I would like to stream my gameplay, I am still a little bit shy. But in the future, I would like to overcome this fear and become social and interactive to my audience.

How This Benefits You

If you want to get into more detail about MMO gaming, you have come to the right place. There will be updates from this website from the discussions we will be having and describing the content. Games have come a long way from early 1990’s to now and continuing. There is a good percent of adults and children gaming, so improvement is happening non-stop. Why not hear about others participation and understanding and lets also improve with the professionals.

MMO games itself is a big job for the developers and testers because there is a lot that needs to be focused on so there will not be any mistakes. It may sound like a fun job to work with games but it takes a lot of patience and concentration. These kinds of jobs require some skill, so yes, education would be a good start if you want to focus on a gaming career. I would also like to join the gaming career.

Why You Are Here

The main reason I want to start getting into detail about MMORPG playing is because I want to know how it effects others and hear their stories of how they do or do not like it, I am all ears. We can all learn from each other about the different MMO games we have played and what points have been found that others could not find.

Let the games begin!

If you ever have any questions for me, feel free to comment them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. 

Happy Gaming

MMORPG Playing

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  1. Keith Reply

    Hi Alissa,

    Love the look of your new Blog, I don’t personally play games online so much but my Nephews are always on them, will point them in your direction for sure. Good Luck

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