Japanese Themed MMO Games

Who doesn’t like cool Japanese/Korean games. They are very interesting to play when you really start getting into playing it. I feel that japanese games give a different kind of play and a different vibe to them because they are more in the anime category.

A lot more people have been into anime more than ever. All of the people I used to go to school with used to make fun of the kids who liked anime. Now, the anti anime people are now anime lovers.

Now that anime is into the gaming industry, everyone is into it. Who would of thought that japanese games could be so popular.

Here, I will list a couple of japanese themed MMO games that can start you off into the liking of anime gaming.


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This game is free and available on Ps4 and Xbox One. Onigiri is a 3D anime game that is action based and is published by Cyberstep. One good thing about this game is that instead of picking a certain type of fighter, you can have access to a couple of weapons that each have their own skills. You can switch weapons at any time during combat as well!

At the beggining of playing, you will notice all the npc’s in the main area along with the other online characters. There are many quests to obtain to get rewards and many dungeons with a variety of monsters to defeat.

Onigiri are for players who like to have competition or for the players that like to take things slow and do quests and gain power that way. The graphics are pretty good to me, may be a bit laggy, but mostly good. I heard a lot of bad reviews on how the graphics are because of the lag and how busy it is to keep the system running. I usually do not have a problem with it unless it crashes, which it does not.

Addition, the Japanese voices really gives the game a good feel on how an anime game should feel. Even the little music makes the Japanese feel like home.

The only problem that I have with the game is the controls. When trying to log in, it can be a pain to press on the log in button with a weapon like cursor. They have manual controls for the arrows on your controller, but it is still difficult to click on what you want to look at. If they fixed that issue, the game would be fantastic.

Did you know that you can play on the PC? Click here to download now!

Blade & Soul

Want real time combat that is martial arts based in a 3D fantasy world? Then this is the right game for you. Blade and Soul was released in January 2016. There are a total of four races and seven classes to choose from. Presets and sliders are available to characterize your character apart from others.

There are many quests to obtain from level 1-55 and more. In combat, you can chain your skills to create nice combos to defeat your opponents. Once you feel comfortable enough to PvP, go into the arena and put your skills to

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the test. 1v1 or 3v3 combat is available.

Not only can your skills defeat enemies, do it in style with the number of fashions you can pick to make your character look stylish.

Join the open world with arenas and different battlegrounds. The story line is great and easy to follow. The landscapes and environment is very lovely. Traveling to other places can be a bit tricky and slow but the combat saves the day.

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Ragnarok Online

I know a couple of ragnarok games that are all anime based, but this one beats the cake because it is so popular and it is a really good game. This game is a serious Korean game that everyone loves. Can you believe that it was released in the early 2000’s? What’s unique about the game is that the environment is in 3D but the characters and everything else is in 2D. You don’t see a lot of those around.

There is a stat system that has to be followed in order to make sure that your character has the right stats. If they are being placed in the wrong way, there will be consequences.

Some classes are able to travel faster by dashing, but no other skills will advance more than that. This game is almost like a classic arcade game but different because it is Korean anime related.

To know more about the features of the game, you will ave to find out for yourself and play at your own pace. I heard that Ragnarok is very fun and addicting to play.

Want to know more? Go to the website and check it out now

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Monster Hunter Online

My friend told me about this game and at first, I did not believe what he was saying. He said it was fun and the weapons are larger than your person. So I did some research and there it was, the weapons are huge and so are the enemies you have to defeat.

Monster Hunter Online has been released in 2015, right when I graduated from high school, how cool is that? This game is the very first game that was available for PC’s. Graphics here are also really great. After watching a video preview of the game, that is when I wanted to get the game and play it for myself.

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Not only is this game “massive” the monsters and dragons are massive too. I see why the weapons are so big. I just find it unique is all. You can collect all of the swords and bows to defeat those enemies.

The game is a bit pricey, not just because of the monster size, it is because of how big the game is. There was a lot of creating that the developers have to do in order for the game to run correctly. But to get the best experience, the price will have to be paid.

Get the game here at

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easier by gliding through the air. It is a very useful tool when you have to go from place to place.

Another thing that AK has is hidden quests that gives out great rewards. They are not easy to find as to why they are called hidden quests. You cannot auto travel to get to them so you will have to do some searching to find them.

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Which One Do You Like The Most?

I got really interested into anime when I was 7 years old and watching anime films. Now that they are into gaming which is one of my favorite things. So when they combined into one, I knew it was fate and made me want to be a gamer even more. I even favor a couple of anime shows and movies. Which ones do you like? Let us know below and let’s discuss them.

Anime Rules!