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Everybody has that one friend that is not into game consoles. They are more of a PC kind of person. Do not hate on the PC lovers! We have all been there. Before we could even get to the first Playstation or Xbox, there was our best friend, the computer. If you still have the same monitor you had when you was just a child, sorry buddy, but it is time to get upgraded to the newest versions of PC with the new Windows or Mac programs. Everything will really run much smoother than your old time friend.

Once i got my very first laptop, I did not take a second look at my old computer and really wanted to throw it away and scrap it. The only reason why I kept it is because it had all my games and information inside of it so I just kept it to the side.

Ever since I upgraded, my games and programs run much smoother than

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they used to. There is way less lag and more games that I can play on the laptop. The only issue for me is, I cannot insert and DvD’s or CD’s into either one of my laptops. Some of the new laptops have this version. Looks like I could use an upgrade myself.

New games have came out over the years and some that you may not have heard of are available to play on the PC and other devices as well. One of my favorite online games I liked to play was Super Mario 63. No I do not mean 64, which I would very much like to play on the PC as well. There are many ways to play online games so there is still a variety to choose from.

I thought that some of these PC games might suit you to review and give a try. Some are free and some are not. These games are for all or most types of PC’s, whether it is old or new. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

Civilization 5

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Playing this game will require some good CPU. If you have just that, you are good to go. C5 is a strategy game that is building a society and gaining power. You are basically creating a world where you can either do so by playing with others or just by yourself. The game may seem boring because it looks like a history game. But really, it is fun to play if you are into competitive games and like to have the most power out of everyone.

You will have to choose which civilization you would like to take over. Each one of them is led by a leader in ancient history and each of them has their own victory. Also, each civilization has their own benefits to gain the most power, so choose wisely. There are also options to whether you want there to be some continents or all combined or what time period in history should it start at. It is all up to you, you create the story and all have different outcomes.

This game is addicting once you start getting the hang of things. There are some additions that could add in because you have to think, you are in full control of a society. So many more things could be changed than just the basics or the main points. If you are more of a history guy or gal, this is the game for you.

Download and buy the game here for cheap!


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Owlboy has its own fun little characteristics that most PC lovers would enjoy. It has a side to side scroll theme to it and is full of color and a collection of activities to fullfill the game. This game can run on all PC’s so cheers to that! At least 600 MB are needed to play.

Owlboy is out on an adventure to save the world from the enemies to bosses with new places to explore. The character, aka Otus the young hero, is of course an owl looking figure who can fly, spin, and roll his way around the many courses he faces throughout the game. You are in full control of him, but when things get dangerous, you will see that things will get difficult to keep him from harm. Nice challenge, right? His buddy, Geddy, helps him with his journey by taking out enemies with its pistol shooting. You can also switch between characters when it comes to that time so you will have to play for a little while before learning how to do so.

The game is very cute and has a Metroidvania style game fashion with the awesome helpful characters to make the journey exciting and fun. This pixelated game has the perfect scenery and does not have the blodgy look that some games have. I recommend to giving this game a try and also I recommend to myself to get the full experience.

Check out the game now available for download

Stardew Valley

Here is something new that you guys might enjoy. It is Stardew Valley, where the music changes every season. How cute is that? Join in on the fun in the countryside farming for the better good. This game is not boring at all like what other people would say. It has new mysteries every day.

This farming game is like no other. You can do plenty of things here like fight enemies, mine, craft, fish, and of course farm. When you first look at the game, you will think that it amazingly beautiful! Every update they make is

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better than the last. This RPG is as simple as the scenery.

I wonder why this game is not popular and why have I not heard of this before. Well, that is what research is for. Come try the game out and see if it is the PC game you been wanting.

Get the free download here

The Binding of Isaac

Want a game that is out of the ordinary? The Binding of Isaac is the perfect game for you. This game is perfect when it comes to keyboard control use. It’s simple, use the arrow keys to point and shoot which direction to face, use space bar to pick up items, and use the shift button to place bombs. That’s it!

You will notice that of course, the game has its own characteristics. But can you see that the way it is set up looks a lot like the original Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past. Me, of course, being a Zelda fan would notice right away. The similarities are setting bombs, defeating enemies, the dungeons, collecting hearts, and surviving.

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Do not let the look of the game affect how good or bad you think the game will be. Hey, I am willing to try it out and so can you. Yes, it looks very very strange, but it also looks intense to fighting off the bad guys with its Zelda like preferences. This game may not be for little kids though. I do not want your kids to get nightmares so I would recommend this game for 12 and up.

Download the latest 2019 version here

Sleeping Dogs

No, there will be no dogs sleeping here. But, there will be some guys getting knocked out into a slumber. Want a different perspective of an open world? Sleeping dogs is here for that. It runs perfectly in PC mode, so don’t knock it till you try it. You will be in the adventures of Hong Kong taking down your enemies in the streets.

I would suggest to get your controller to get the full experience of this

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fighting game. Also, make sure you have strong WiFi to download this because it can take you a while to get it completed. You can get this game on the Ps3, Ps4, and Xbox One. But hey, this post is about PC so let’s stick to that. Once you get going on this game, you will do that gamer position. Yes, I mean that position where things get severe. You will be on the edge of your seat to focus more (which surprisingly works).

The story is great, but the combat is fantastic! It’s a different type of pen world crime game, not like Grand Theft Auto V. Sleeping dogs has a few improvements that other games don’t. First, it’s in the Asian and American Asian culture which makes it unique. And the soundtrack is very unexpected. The original cost of this game is $30. But again, it is up to you and your research to figure out if it is worth playing for you or not (just play it for goodness sake).

Come join in on the fun and get the full PC version here!

As Simple As It Is

Have you found one of these games interesting? Good! Now get to downloading and buying! Because these games aren’t going to play themselves. Unless they have auto mode, which they do not. All of these games run smoothly on the PC. If one of them is giving you a hard time, private message me or leave a comment down in the box and I can see if I can help you with your troubles.

Get with the program!

10 thoughts on “Laptop Friendly Online Games

  1. Igor Reply

    Hi there 🙂 Tomorrow I am on my journey. Whole days on airports and planes. I was looking for some games which are laptop friendly. Now I have something. Thank you very much for those choices. Now I will check them. My favorite is civilization V. Lets find it somewhere in my library 🙂

    • admin Reply

      Hi Igor! I am so glad you were able to find the right game for you and already have a favorite. I wish you luck on your journey!

  2. Barbara Reply

    Hi, I must confess I am not a big game player myself but I  must say thank you because I can share this with my two sons that are definately game addicted. They are always looking out for new things coming up and even thou they know almost everything about PS4 when it comes down to Pc games they are a little lost so this review I am sure will come very handy. You should do more like these for mums like me that otherwise would not have a clue

    • Alissa Johnson Post authorReply

      Hi Barbara! I will make sure i keep up-to-date with all the games for all electronic devices for all ages. And I will definitely make a post for the moms with gamer kids. I believe I do have a couple of other posts about more games that can be played on the computer. 

  3. zuchii Reply

    I still remember playing games such as supermario, GTA and Need for speed on my PC using my keyboard, In those days there was not much to miss by not playing it on a gaming console, the games ran smoothly and every thing looked thesame. Is there any difference; I personally don’t think so. Even now,  playing PC games still rock.

    • Alissa Johnson Post authorReply

      Hi Zuchii! I was just about to play Super Mario today on my laptop. I do miss the good old days when more of those games were popular. Whether on a game console or on a PC, they do have their slight differences on certain games. The controls may be different or the game may lag on one thing and not the other. It all depends on what games there are. PC games still rule! 

  4. Jay Reply

    PC lovers would really get a hang of this. I love pc games and I have been playing pc games for a very long time. The first game here which is civilization 5 is very similar to one of my favorite pc games I played a long time ago which is ages of empire. Such a fun game. I wonder if it is still around. 

    From this list, it seems the one I would really get a hang of would be sleeping dogs. It looks like a game that would be awesome.

    • Alissa Johnson Post authorReply

      Hi Jay! I miss the days where PC games were more popular than the game console games. I am familiar with Ages of Empire. Looks like I need to make an addition to the list. Yes, Sleeping dogs does seem very interesting to play. I have no idea why I have not heard of it before.

  5. Gracen Reply

    Hi Alissa! When it comes to playing online games, I prefer using PC, so yes, you can call me a PC lover. I remember playing some PC games with my Cathode Ray Tube monitor far back then, before I upgraded to laptop. You are quite right about the game playing better when one use a better upgraded PC than lower versions.Out of all the PC games you reviewed, I like the Binding of Isaac. The simplicity of the game (using arrow keys for navigation) makes is more captivating.

    • Alissa Johnson Post authorReply

      Hi Gracen! Using PC’s are not all that bad as what people would say. I am glad you have decided to upgrade to a laptop with the best features available. Yes, I agree that using the arrow keys are the basic controls for navigation rather than using a mouse. 

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