The History of MMORPG

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MMORPG has been around for a very long time for up to thirty years, which may not seem like a lot but it is. In 1996, Meridan 59 was the very first MMORPG that came out so players can log in and join others in online battle. Here is the history of MMORPG and where it all started.

MUD’s (Multi-User Dimension) has started getting popular in the late 1990’s. A MUD is a multiplayer virtual world in real time that is all in text. It includes player versus player, online chat, and role-playing games. A game called Everquest made virtual reality a really big thing and this is where MMORPG started to get really popular. Did you know that Sony Entertainment has released Everquest and has been a hit until 2004?Related image

The good online games requires a subscription, but the other ones are free-to-play and is for everyone to sign up and play. The developers are constantly repairing the games so they can keep their players from complaining and wanting to quit. The dev’s already have a hard time creating such games, so just imagine how hard it is to fix the mistakes. This is why I am taking classes to see what the fuss is about.

Have you noticed that all of the games that were just a single game on its own are now creating an online version of the game like Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. Some games are even going off based on movies or books. I would personally love to see an actual online game from the movie Ready Player One.

But what really had MMORPG popular and still is very known is World of Warcraft. The game is old but made so many improvements that it has become one of the biggest game bought subscriptions in the entire history of gaming. Everquest was a good start until WoW came in the picture. Around half a million players are playing the game till this very moment. Hard to believe, right?

Image result for game companiesHaving a lot of players all on one game may seem fun and all, but think about the creators and Blizzard Entertainment and how much work they have to do to keep the game running smoothly. There has been one too many errors for them to handle that it was hard to keep up. The overgrowth of population in the system was too much to handle at the time, but luckily, they got it down to a less amount of problems that had to be fixed.

The best MMORPG game that would win all games combined would be to have all or most game companies combine together and have all of their games into an online universe. It would almost be like Ready Player One except that each game would have their own portals that your character of their own choosing can go into and automaticlly join the fun. How cool would that be? Maybe a bit much but imagine how cool would that be to have existing in the future.

Is there anymore history that you would like to add in or discussed? Leave a comment in the box and let’s hear some of your cool ideas and observations.

History has become a victory!

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