The Hottest Multiplayer Fighting Games

This here is for the ladies and gents that have a serious crave for defeating their worst enemies or the noobs on online fighting games. There is nothing better than having the victory kills that you have always wanted. That is why, today, I would like to talk about a couple of the hottest multiplayer fighting games out there.


Image result for fortniteWatching my friends play Fortnite really had me thinking “why would anybody play this” and “what is the point here”. But one day, I heard that one of my friends moms was playing the game and she got in the top 5 players without even doing too much of anything. So getting a victory or at least I think top ten is a big deal when it comes to Fortnite.

Of course, it is still about saving the world from the monsters and all, but what really gets more attention is defeating others in battle. Along with building your fort, collecting items, getting the best weapons, and the cool dances all in a free-to-play game has been a joy to the many players who have all the free time in the world. Just make sure that your WiFi connection is strong so you can get the best experience possible.

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League of Legends

League of Legends is free for everyone and is one of the most top five MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena games) out there. LoL is one of those kind of games that has 5v5 and 3v3 matches that last and hour at the most.

Parents have reviewed their kids behavior when playing the game. They say it is very addicting and the kids behavior starts to change. They start to become depressed and obsessed to the point where they did not care about their health or their families. So, before your child decides to play this game, make sure that you set a time limit a day to play time, or else your child will become too addicted and forget their responsibilities.

League of Legends is not all about gameplay, this game teaches social skills and decision making skills. The game is not violent as what people say it is. There is no blood or gore or violent drugs and alcohol. Just pure fun.

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This game is pretty straight foward and easy to play. Overwatch is a massiveImage result for overwatch shooting game that has various amounts of objectives, characters, and team play. Anyone can play, but it is not free to play. The game itself is $60 at the most. It is up to you to see if it is worth the bucks to play.

Although, the game modes and the maps have their similarities, the matches are pretty fair and makes gamers want to play even more. The different kind of roles and characters have their very own moves and personalities that make the matches fun to play. Overwatch updates every now and again and send out more characters for us to choose from. How cool is that? No point in losing their gamers if the game runs nice and smoothly and fixes any bugs if there is any.

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Rocket League

I know a couple of people that play Rocket League and they almost instantly get addicted. When it first got released in 2015, I was available on the ps4 and xbox 360. Now it is also available on the nintendo switch. It has gotten really good views since the update. There are still a couple of server errors to be found, but really, Rocket League has made its best bets so far.

Image result for rocket leagueThe game is simple, there are two teams to choose from with different cars available and you race against the other team with the nicely colored arenas they have. Not like the wonderful mario karts that we are used to, but it sure shows that there can be more than easy racing.

There are four modes you can pick called dropshot, snow day, rumble, and hoops. Rumble mode seems like the most fun one for me because of all the power ups you can use to power the ball. It’s a really good sports game that has strategy involved in an arcade kind of way and it is a good start for a multiplayer race game as well.

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These games have became one of the top 5 games for multiplayer combat. Leave a comment below on what you think about these.

Let the games begin!

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