What To Look For When Picking RPG Games

Have you finished a long game and no longer know what to do with yourself? It’s time to pick a new game. Us gamers know how hard it can be to find the right game that won’t waste your time. I have had these problems many times before. So the question is, what to look for when picking rpg games.

If you are having trouble picking a game, you can ask your fellow game partners to see if they have any cool games in mind. Some of my friends gave me some games to play and most of the time, I do enjoy their suggestions. But if you do not like what you hear or see, you have came to the right place.

Here are the five main things you need to have in mind when choosing the right game:

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1. System

2. Genre

3. Review Check

4. Cost

5. Test

Following this little list in order will help you choose what game to invest your time in and which game will be worth your while.

Which System Is Your Favorite

First thing you have to think about is what kind of system would you like to use for your next game. Maybe you want to go back to your old Gamecube or Nintendo for old times sake. Or maybe you want to finally get to the new games that has been released on the Ps4 or Xbox One. Or maybe even keep it classy and old school and stick to PC.

Also, when finding the right system, make sure that the system is running correctly for the best gaming experience. Clean out old files, delete apps that are no longer being used, and make sure the controller buttons and/or keys are not sticky or missing.

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And the last thing to check for is to make sure the controller and the system is charged up with new batteries or  plugged up because no one wants to be in the middle of battle when a device starts to act up. That is one of my worst case scenarios.

Which Genre Fits You Best

Next, pick what kind of genre do you want to get into. Dungeons and dragons are one of the most popular RPG games out there. If this type of game is not really your thing, don’t worry. There are thousands to choose from from old to new games.

This little helpful hint may help you choose. Now you have to think, what game did you just finish and would you like to play a game similar to that? Or would you like to mix it up a bit and play something different? You can also consider what your friends might suggest. They may be more into old games than new games. Others suggest to play the same games over and over just because of how good the games are well played out.

Another thing to think about s to research which type of games are the most popular. I did the research for you and this is what came up. Fantasy, Sci-fi,

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Adventure, and Fighting games. If none of these are your best pick, do not worry. Ask around and see which game genre fits you.

Check Reviews

Once you got your game pick, one of the best ways to be positive about your choice, is to check reviews online. Looking at reviews will definitely save you the time on picking a crappy game that may lag or is inactive. When looking at reviews, there will be many positives and many negatives.

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The pros and cons may be true for the people that played it. If you are not too sure on what to believe, go ahead and play the game yourself and have your own experience. And to help others, put your own review and explain how you think about it and what may or may not be wrong with the game.

Before I pick any game, I always make sure to research reviews. Most of the time, if I do not like what I see or hear, I will not play it. That is just me though. I would like for you guys to have experience before judging.

How Much Will It Cost You

I hate the word “cost”. I don’t usually like to spend any money on games

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unless it is really worth it. You pick a game that will either cost you at the beggining or while playing the game. No one wants to waste money on a game that is not worth the time.

What you may have to do here is research the game that you chose and see all the money you can spend on the game and in the game, add it in a total, and see if it fits your budget. If you are struggling with financial issues, I suggest you wait to get the game and pick one that is free to download.

Did I just say the word download? I sure did! Downloading is the best way to get a game. Some may take a long time to download, so in the meantime, you can maybe…read a book. If that is not your thing, that is ok too. Even after the game is done downloading, still make sure to research all of the things that come inside the game. Some may require to upgrade to VIP’s, new vanity, rare equipment items, or buying game currency. If your game doesnt have any of these things, you are good to go and cost-free.

Test It Out

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And the last, but not least, test your game and see if you like it. If you have a strict schedule between work and sleep and family time or other responsibilities, set a little demo for yourself or time limit. This way, you won’t spend too much time getting into the game without realizing that it may or may not be a good decision.

For the games that have those annoying tutorials, just get through them unless you would like to take the time to actually understand what you got yourself into. After that, take the time to do each event they offer like daily quests, regular quests, pvp, fighting enemies, chatting, customizing, crafting, etc. Doing all of these for a little while can really help think if the game is good or not.

If you do not like the game so far, stop now. If you already spent money to get the game, it is up to you to wanting to finish what you started or call it quits. If you decide that you like the game, good job! You have successfully found the game that is right for you.

Save This Page

If you enjoyed this written tutorial on picking a game, share it with others. They may really need the extra help as much as you did. So next time you finish a game, remember to come here and follow these same steps.

If there is a suggestion you would like to let us know about or know another way to pick the right game, discuss it here in the comments. Any advice given out, I am willing to try out, so don’t be shy.

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Pick or choose, don’t waste time!

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