What were the mid 2000’s online games?

I was kind of going through memory lane and thought about what we used to play back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Some of the games that I thought of used to be legendary and popular back then. The graphics are different, new places and events are added, and new character features have taken place.

So today, I wanted to list a few games of what were they like before and what they are now. They have changed a lot since then.


Oh, the good ol’ Runescape. Boy, has it gotten far. The classic Runescape has an old fashioned look to it. If you have played the old version when it launched in 2001, you can definitely tell the difference between the new version as well. I remember a student back in high school. All he talked about was the game with his friends and how strong and powerful he is. At that time, I did not care for the game back then and I thought it was lame.

But now, the game looks like it has got some sense knocked into it. The graphics are now detailed and not pixelated and the avatars have more visible clothing. I like the new version way better, and I can say that everyone I know would say the same thing.

Download the good ol game here

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Habbo Hotel

After school, this is where everyone would go to chat with their friends and do silly things with their characters. In Habbo Hotel today, they have kept their same old schooled features and platforms with a touch of new games to play. The old games, SnowStorm and Battle Ball, are taken off the game and replaced it with new similar ones called Freeze and Battle Banza.

Everything is about the same like chatting with friends, buying items and furniture for your room and get clothes for your person. And of course, the developers still keep it child friendly and making sure nothing inappropriate is being said or done. Even though, kids nowadays will always find a way to say what they want to say to not get banned.

I have also seen this game around back in middle school and played it a couple times. I did not favor it too much because little shy me did not want to talk to anyone so thats how I got treated. Loner forever.

Join in on the fun at Habbohotel.com

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Who doesn’t miss the little and furry bundles of joy? Carrying around you neopet showed how much of a animal game lover you are. I had a couple myself but were never able to use them online because the tags were missing. Not a lot of people played with them as much as webkinz was played, but it still kept the kids from being bored.

I bet if anyone even still has access to their neopets still, they would see somehow that their pets are alive but have been starving for years. Everything has not changed when it was first popular. All of the stores and activities are still there with a few changes of store content.

This place is highly recommended for kids who are just starting off on internet games or maybe even showing how to take care of a pet before you get one in the real world.

Neopets is available for Windows! Click here to download

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Club Penguin

I would say that Club Penguin was the most popular online social game for kids because penguins are cute and people all over the world played it more than anything. Now the game is on mobile devices called Club Penguin Island and its for anyone to play. However, there is a $4.99 monthly membership per account, so get the card ready if you would like to join the fun.

Playing CP would have you create your penguin however you want and chat with friends and very many activities to play. You can also use the games emotes and wave hello or dance with your friend. Not only can you have your very own penguin, but you can also have a puffle pet. You can also get coins to get more outfits for your penguin and use coins to design your igloo.

Not a lot of people think about this but CP teaches certain learning skills. It helps them to practice reading, help improve on their keyboard skills, math, learn how to manage your money and social skills. Club penguin is not all that bad as everyone says it is. It is more to it than gameplay.

Here is the latest version for android. Download now!

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These games have been great to help us with boredom while we were still young and it was also a great way to communicate before phones came in the picture.

If you would like to share an online game that you have played, leave a comment below and I can add it to the list.

Get out there and talk your brains out!

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