What’s So Bothering About Pocket Legends

I wanted to talk more about one of the first games that I have every played that was MMO. Now, I know that not very many of you are into mobile games if you have the wonderful PS4 or Xbox One. Well for me, I did not have those game systems at that time. They also did not come out with the new PS or Xbox system at that time as well. Since this is, or was my favorite game I wanted to go into more detail with the game and its history.

A lot has changed from when it first came out. I was not playing it when it first came out but I was there when it was becoming better (thank goodness). I was looking at the old versions on Google and i was thinking that they needed some improvement. I wanted to see what they have updated, so I began playing it. The tutorial was all simple and fun. I start off killing zombies and skeletons in one hit. Who knew skeletons could hold a staff anyway? After the tutorial, here is where all the small quests keep popping up and making us go from map to map.

The majority of the game is to not necessarily get to the highest level and call it quits. Nowadays, this game gets more intense than it’s suppose to. It was all fun and games completing all the quests and getting the highest stats weapon and equipment with nice vanity and pets then waiting for the next update. Now things are a little different.

I have never been more frustrated with a game in my entire life. The quests are now too long to complete before the next update comes. Which, I should say, is a great idea to keep the game busy for all players. But for the people that get on the game and try to get as much done as possible will never be able to keep up with the pro’s. The pro’s have the best everything with mostly rare items they are selling and probably have so much gold that they need to make more accounts, It’s ridiculous.

So as you can see, the game has gotten much more challenging that what it used to be. So here is where I will talk about what has changed from the past to the present.


So on the old versions of Pocket Legends, there were a total of three characters to choose from. They had the Bear Warrior, the Bird Archer, and the Elf Enchantress. Of course, I am the enchantress because I like mages the most. I die too fast so I like to heal myself and use potions to keep myself alive. Now they have added two more characters in the game. There is the Rhino Warrior and the Fox Ranger.

In order to grind and get all the gold and maybe even rare items you want, you will have to have each character in a party to kill fast and easy so you can get easier combos. Not only will you get fast gold but you will get faster chances of getting a rare item. It sounds easy but it takes a lot of time and work to be a pro. Trust me, It’s not that fun once you start doing it for a while.


The questing did not used to be this hard until they started updating around the Isle of Humania stage. The quests got longer and more harder to complete. The quests arent hard themselves but doing each dungeon takes quite a while if you do not have a couple pro’s or really good equipment and pets.

The recent quests they have available for the Mad Mage’s Maze map are so long that I see some of my friends are still trying to get all of the quests done. Now, it is almost impossible to even keep up with the game. There is an update coming very soon and my friends and I are starting to quit because there is too much going on. Yes, it keeps the players busy to be able to keep their customers from leaving. I just belive that this is not the way to do it.

There are a total 14 quests for this map. Fair enough right? Of course I kknow that the game is going to get harder the more you level up. But that’s not the point. The point is that the quests can take up to half a month or so for each quest if you are not active. It drives me nuts when I see how much effort I am putting into the game when really I got nothing done.

Right now, I am on the very last quest where I have to kill the boss 100 times on the second to last dungeon. As you can see to the right that I still have some work to do.There are a total of three quests that are all alike. They all have to be defeated 100 times then the quest is done. It is not worth it because the reward is a total blow off. It’s not a good weapon with stats, not a good amount of xp being gained, not a pet, not a rare vanity, just a simple weapon that can be sold for less than 30k gold. Not very worth anyone’s while. At least not for me.

I guess you can say that the quests are to get lots of gold and rare drops or whatever. To me, I just think they can do better. I feel bad for the people who have work and school who like the game but cannot keep up with the program. I am one of those people that cannot keep up with it.


The events are a pretty good addition to the game I should say. Mostly they happen around holiday time. Otherwise, they are extra gold events or something else. I can never make it to the events because I am always busy with work or school. I wish I could attend to a few though. I missed two events this year already. I did try a couple of times to check out the events but never really got into it. Some of them seemed boring.

The only one I would actually enjoy is the extra gold event. Who doesn’t like extra gold in their pocket, hence the game title. I know there was one event where you could get the rare white dragon pet called Tinsel that had the best stats out of all the pets in the entire game. If you missed the event, you can still get a chance to get it, but you will not be able to craft it. You will have to buy it from the store with gold. Guess how much it costs? About an average of 34 million gold. I guess you can say is a fair price but it is still insane.

If I was even able to try and get the pet, I probably couldn’t because it is too time consuming. Which I actually was trying to get the pet but the event disappeared right before my eyes. I was thnking at first that it wasn’t worth it to have but then I realized that everyone was getting more stuff done so I really did try and get the pet so I could be done with the game before the event. I thought I could buy it with platinum but that was a complete waste of time. I didn’t know the event was over so I was no longer able to craft it. Oh well, mistakes happen. Events are not really my thing either.

Enemies and Dungeons

I have no problem with the enemies per say but I hate how strong they are. In the latest map, The Mad Mage’s Maze, all the dungeons have skeletons, right? Well, there is nothing wrong with them, but I do have one problem that the developer’s have decided to add. When you kill a certain amount of them, the big blue guys appear and then you have to kill those as well. They do not add to the amount of enemies that has to be killed in order to get to the boss.

But here is the thing I hate about the big blue guys. They take FOREVER to kill. It just makes the process longer. If you do not have strong equipment or the white dragon pet, your in for a long period of gameplay. They are the worst if you have a quest to finish. I know for me that that is my pet peeve in this game. Again, the devs have accomplished to make another difficult challnge players have to face. Not my favorite kind of challenge either.

The blue guys do have some good drops as well as gold drops. Well, rarely anyway. I highly recommend that you challenge these guys with a friend or more unless you are one of those pro’s. If I am fighting one of these guys alone, it usually takes me at least 45 seconds to kill for each one. Very sad I know. Their health is ridiculously high. The pro’s take about 10 seconds at the most to defeat them. Hm, how lucky.

If the devs wanted to make a real challenge for the players, they could of said that we had to kill 500 of those guys and thats all. Not this kill the boss 100 times, well 300 actually. It’s not just the blue guys that irritate my soul but it’s also the way they set up how long it takes to complete a dungeon. Yes. I do understand that the game has to keep the players busy until they can come up with an update in 6 months or more. Seems like enough time, right? Well, not for everybody.

In the Mad Mage’s Maze map, with all the skeletons and blue guys that pop up it takes a little while to get to the boss. I would say that it takes about 15-20 minutes just to finish one dungeon. That’s if I have a party to help me along the journey. A little help dev’s and it will be very much appreciated!

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Pocket Legends was easy before but now it is all about how much time, and possibly real money, you would like to put into the game. It’s not all that bad but it is like a long puzzle you will have to solve and be able to learn how to be a pro. If you want to ask a pro, they probably won’t tell you anything because they don’t want others to be better or as good as them. I hate how selfish they are.

So with all of that being said, since I have said some of the issues I have with the game, here is where I come to the conclusion. The day all my saved up gold has disappeared, that is the day I quit playing the game. I will return when I get lots of money just to buy everything I need to finish the quests. But until then, I will work on work and school for now until I have time to play all the games I want.

Stay Tuned!

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